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For the women, queer people, trans people, and people of color around you. I have a straight/white/cis/male friend who was telling me how worried he was about the supreme court. He then said: I know I can be as worried as you are but YES!!! YES HE CAN BE AS WORRIED AS I AM!!!! Actual real human beings are getting hurt in our country and all over the world.

Leaning against drawers of designer and vintage frames 19th century lorgnettes, pince nez and copies of the red diamant frames Marilyn Monroe wore in How To Marry a Millionaire Hudson confirms that women are also seeking the “geeky” look. “The 1950s naughty librarian, a bit Miss Moneypenny, is desirable,” he says. He believes young faces cope better with larger frames while older faces are best served by something lighter in more modern looking materials.

Whatever happens, it’s better to enjoy your time while you are here. Because at the end of life, you will realize that everything that happened in your life, all the arguments, problems and issues that you had with others was irrelevant. They are illusions.

The illegals who won’t have agricultural jobs in California this year and next, due to the sustained droughts there, will be looking for jobs in other parts of the country and other types of jobs to sustain themselves and their families. Weakened American worker unions can still rival those workers when they start to feel the pinch, and you can bet they will. Maybe then something will pinch the politicians into enforcing the laws they once swore to uphold.

We were in good company with so many other landy lovers Camp is very well set up. In a beautiful secluded area on the banks of the Okavango. It is definitely a backpacker/overlander haunt. In Malsalami of Patna, police recovered 90 cartons of country liquor hidden in a bush, Station House Officer Rajendra Prasad said. A report from Kisanganj said 150 cartons of foreign liquor, headed for neighbouring Malda district of West Bengal was seized at Faring Gola check post. The liquor coming from Silliguri bore stamp of West Bengal but there was no signature of any official and hence the Excise officials seized the liquor..

Lows: Mid 30s. Tomorrow: Morning rain showers likely. Highs: 40s or 50s. The Obama administration has refused to declassify a secret memo from the George W. Bush presidency that justified the warrantless spying conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). The Department of Justice mostly denied Aid’s Freedom of Information Act request, saying the redacted information in the OLC opinion was “classified, covered by non disclosure provisions contained in other federal statutes, and is protected by the deliberative process privilege.”.

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