212 - Akan or Asante funerary head

Ghana or Ivory Coast

Here is another fine statue. The eyes are half closed, as on some of the other statues which we have seen, and on all the hollow heads presented on this site. The features of the face are very symmetric, the curves of the eyebrows are regular, the nose is small, but with nostrils opened wide, the ears are hollowed out, as is the half open mouth. Assembled on a fine neck with neck-rings, a certain calm emanates from this head, a serenity which cannot leave the viewer indifferent. As with statue 203, we take this to be a young person. Taking into account the smoothness of its expression, its reserve, and its wonderfully braided hairstyle, we suppose it to be a girl.

It is probably the portrait of a deceased young person.

H. 20 cm
Dating: 18th century

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