215 - Large Asante Janus head

Asante civilization from Ghana

This very beautiful and rare piece of a double head, known as a Janus, is quite elegant and refined. The two youthful female faces that appear on this double head are quite similar, both giving the impression of calm and serenity, and upon closer examination, perhaps meditating on the concept of death. In the middle of the forehead, the same piece of jewelry or ethnic scarification decorates both faces. The oval shape is the same on each face, as are the features, the arc of the eyebrow, the closed eyes, the slightly open mouths, the small and well formed ears. The neck fine and ringed, as is customary. The nostrils are hollowed out, protecting the piece during the firing process. Viewed in profile, the different size of the faces is intriguing...

This is a commemorative piece created for a funerary use, dating from the 19th century, therefore more recent, representing the deceased at two different ages during its terrestrial life.

H. 27 cm x W. 19 cm
19th century

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