604 - Head in white patina

Nigeria, Burkina Faso

Here is an interesting piece. Even though it has the air of a traditional funeral urn due to its indisputably phallic shape, it is not one, judging by its dimensions. The general form is the same, but on this piece, a face is represented. That of the deceased perhaps? The expression of the face is calm and serene, but this could be an illusion. It's appearance is a bit skeptical. Perhaps it does not truely believe... But believe in what?
Even if the geometrical decorative tradition of the Bura funerary object aesthetic can be found on the face (very beautiful facial decoration, long vertical band on the chin...), it should be noted that the features of the face do not have normal African characteristics, but that is another story! Let us be satisfied with the unquestionable significance of this piece.

H. 22 cm
3-11th century

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