606 - Funerary urn with scarifications 89 cm

Bura Asinda Sikka
Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger

This is an interesting urn whose forms, proportions, symbolism are the same as the three others presented in this gallery (ref. 601, 605 and 607), although this one is the largest, and in particular, one of largest ever found.

Its circular and vertical ornamentations, as well as those which radiate from the navel are finely detailed. The decoration is particularly well fashioned. Let us recall that the personal effects and the possessions of the deceased were put inside the urn which was buried, base up, thus preserving the phallic character of the urn, digged in the ground. This is a strong and indisputable symbol of the richness of life and death, since, after birth follows the rebirth...

H. 89 cm
3-11th century

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