615 - Horse head

Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso

Here we have the very beautiful head of a horse, completely in the Bura style. Considering the quality of the sculpture, we can only regret not having the rest of the animal, and perhaps the rider. We must remain satisfied with a particularly well defined traditional horse head, with a neatly decorated bit and harness. The animal seems to also be wearing decorative strips of cloth on the halter. Its tired eyes are partly closed, protecting them from the bright light, perhaps. Its mouth is also partly open. Is it thirsty? Has it just been gallopping in the heat and dust?

The precision of the sculptor is such that the piece seems like it was made in wood or in metal. It is very finely worked. The patina of age is superb, the color is deep and warm.

H. 17 cm x L. 15 cm
Dating: 3-13th century

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