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This site is a forum for exchanging and sharing views and ideas for lovers and aficionados of African terracotta art complete with: discussions, news of auctions, events and sales, exhibitions and art openings, recent valuations and estimates, events, and a bibliography. Write us at!

• The « Friend's Gallery »

This is an exhibit of any statues seen by you. Any collector willing to send a photograph and a description (ethnicity, dimensions...) of his piece, will find his sculpture integrated into our virtual museum. Made by you, and for you, do not hesitate to participate in and enrich our site with your contributions, suggestions and photos. Our offer is friendly, discrete and free. What are you waiting for?

• Who we are

We are a few dozen friends of all ages and professions, from diverse countries (France, Great Britain, the U.S.A., Sweden, Lebanon, Belgium, Germany...) and lovers of ancient African pottery (Akan, Ashanti, Sao, Nok...). Among us are longtime collectors of wood and pottery pieces, a former gallery owner, an expert, retirees, doctors, advertising people, and soon, you...

• Our purpose

This site was created to familiarize the public with African civilizations, to show the beauty of their statuary and try to help better understand them. Created for both you and for us, it is a forum for sharing, communicating, exchanging ideas and making contacts and connections.

• The Collectors Corner

We would like to be in contact with any African art galleries and any African art specialist in the world. Our faithful visitors, coming and returning to mémoire d'afrique always ask us where they can find these pieces, and at what price they can acquire them. Send us photographs of any parts pieces you may have to sell, their prices, your address, and how to contact you. We will be able to put you in direct contact with these collectioners. It goes without saying that this offer is completely well intentioned and free. It is valid however only for pieces from the 6 civilizations covered by the mémoire d'afrique site.

• With whom we work

With you. We need your interest, your curiosity, and your enthusiasm. From 50, we will become 100, 1,000, 10,000...all over the world. We need this interest, curiosity and enthusiasm from everyone. Let us together pay homage to a superb and multi-faceted form of art.

Let us unite our pleasure and our enthusiasm!


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