507 - Kneeling Bankoni lady, with broken arms


This female character with broken arms, with one remaining hand placed on the knee, seems to have her head in the clouds. Is she meditating, calling, petitioning, praying? The position is similar to the Tenenkou statue 501 as well as the preceding statue. It could be a position of hope or of despair, and as again, this statue is kneeling, we would lean towards a feeling of tenderness rather than revolt. The sculpture is rather coarse, the caricatured features of the face (large nose, large ears), two small breasts and a prominent navel. The neck ornaments are simply implied by holes in the clay.

The style is rudimentary, almost childish.

L. 37 cm x L. 20 cm x D. 15 cm
14-17th century

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