401 - Smal seated dignitary, with hands on knees


We are unaware of who this seated character represents, hands on thighs, in an imploring position, mouth open, eyes turned towards the sky. The legs have been broken beneath the knees. The sculpture exhibits few vestimentary details, due to its condition one can only imagine them. The first remarkable quality about this otherwise naked man, is the trace of a large necklace supporting either an amulet or a large breast plate.
Looking closer, one can perceive that the head and the hands are more precisely worked: fingers well designed, almond shaped eyes, half open lips whispering a quiet cry. The nostrils are carved out and the top of the head is convex.

Strangely enough, these last two features are connected by a common function... Any rainwater collected by the head would descend through the nostrils and drip on to the face, down along the body and finally, to the ground.

H. 29 cm x L. 13 cm x W. 9 cm
Dating: 14-17th century

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