404 - Horseman and his mount


This is a very beautiful piece. The head of this bearded character has typical characteristics, with a slightly pear-shaped head and with a kind of notch on the back. Another specifically Koma characteristic: the lips are split horizontally not by just one slit, but by two superimposed. Is that a smile there? Is he speaking with his mouth open like that? Might there be another meaning? The eyes, the nose, and the ears are well crafted. The man carries a bag or a pouch on his right shoulder. His right hand rests on his right knee. With his left hand, he directs his horse. He has a peaceful appearance.

The animal stands firmly on its legs and is carefully fashioned: head, bit, harness...

H. 30 cm x L. 21 cm
Koma epoch (?) and civilization
No thermo certificate
Dubious dating

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