407 - Seated dignitary


This is a magnificent and classic Koma statue of a man in the hieratic seated position, his hands on his knees.
The feet are on the ground and the legs are firm. The stiff and proud posture, leads us to believe that we are again dealing with an important personage, high in the social hierarchy, someone in charge, like a wealthy courtier or a member of the royal family. We cannot say for certain.

The man is wearing heavy bracelets on his wrists and something on his shoulders resembling a richly decorated stole. The features of the face are typical, with the mouth opened wide, perhaps making a silent cry.
Is he yelling? Is it a cry of pain? The features of the face are very traditional, with disproportioned eyes, surrounded by rolls of clay. The top of cranium is convex, contrary to the heads of the previous statues, meaning that its ritualistic purpose must be different.

Nevertheless, this is a remarkable statue.

H. 32 cm
Koma epoch and civilization
No thermo certificate

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