408 - Thin small head

Koma terra cotta single head, in shape of a cork

This head is completely inspired by the aesthetic models and traditions of the Koma civilization. The head has been broken off of the top of a neck, that is to say that the it’s conical base has disappeared. The remaining head has a powerful expression and strong features. The beard is well defined, as is the wide open mouth, the large nose, the eyes, again disproportionate, encircled by rolls of clay in the form of a figure 8. The large and broad ears are hollowed out and connect to the top of cranium. These channels were made to pour out ritualistic liquids and celestial rain. The top of cranium is concave and notched on its entire circumference.

H. 8 cm, diameter 4.5 cm
Koma epoch and civilization
14-17th century
Thermo certificate

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