409 - Small wide head

Koma terra cotta single head, in shape of a cork

In the Koma funerary ritual, the terra cotta statues always possess a head similar to this one. This type of statue represents more than 56% of the pieces recovered, 17% are either in sitting or upright positions, as can be seen in our gallery. We have thus presented you with three quarters of Koma statuary, the other statues (figures of animals, cultural representations like seats or stools... and sexual representations) are quite rare. The head that we see here is one of these head statues to which a lower conical part is missing.
The head is traditional, with a deeply marked beard, as well as a fringe of hair and eyebrows. The mouth is partially opened, the nose and eyes are large, the latter again encircled by rolls of clay creating a goggle-like appearance. The ears are well defined within the arc created by the hair, eyebrows and beard.
The ears are hollowed out and connect with the top of the head, also hollowed out, to allow the flow of oils, ritualistic liquids and rainwater. This is a simple and pure piece, responding exactly to the aesthetic criteria of its creators.

H. 9 cm, diameter 5.5 cm
Koma epoch and civilization
14-17th century
Thermo certificate

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