410 - Male head with pointed chin

Koma bulsa

Here we have a small head, extraordinary because of the nature of its chin. By many details, it should be classified as a Koma piece; the resemblances and the analogies are obvious: the defined curve of the eyebrows and the ears, rolls of clay around the eyes, mouth open, and hollowed out ears. But this time, there is no connection to the top of the head. There are also other differences: the hair is distributed on the entire surface of the head and cut short, the back of the head has been worked with as much precision as the face. The mouth is open and might be speaking. Or is he thirsty? Is he in pain?

Contrary to the other Koma head statues, the lower curve of the jaw is clearly defined and the chin is quite pointed. These two anatomical details are generally not found in the Koma tradition. This is a Koma head influenced by the Koma bulsa ethnic group.

H. 8 cm x L. 6.5 cm
Koma epoch and civilization
14-17th century
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