411 - Seated dignitary, with a goatee

Komaland, Ghana

Here we are facing who must be a high-ranked dignitary, seated on his thron. The man is naked, his areolas and navel are visible. The fore-arms and legs have been broken. Nevertheless, the statue radiates a high muscular force and a mental power.

What strikes the observer is the detailed care of modeling the face, much more expressive. The eyes are wide opened, as usual, outlined by clay rolls. The nose is long, the nostrils, deeply opened and pierced. The powerful mouth, with thick lips, seems to sketch a smile. The face ends by a goatee, well combed. The ear is oversized, largely listening. The other one is lacking. The top of the head is concave, as usual. It is particularly stirring to imagine the thumb of the sculptor, crashing down the clay to model his piece.

H. 24 cm
14-16th century

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