Ghana is a west African country located on the Gulf of Guinea, just north of the equator. It shares a border with the Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.

Ghana owes its former name, Gold Coast, to the large amount of gold to be found in the country. Before being exploited by the British, German, Dutch and French colonists, this gold was used abundantly by the Ashanti ethnic group, supporting their tradition of splendid gold jewelry, a tradition also propagated by the neighboring Baoulé ethnic group.

The country consists of dense tropical forests in the south, and the savanna in the north. Its tropical climate is extremely rainy, especially in the summer. The Black Volta, the White Volta and the Oti and Daka Rivers join each other in Ghana forming Lake Volta. The Akosombo dam, located to the south of the lake, produces energy for the country.

There are about 21 million inhabitants.