104 - Man, right hand holding a calabash-shaped hat

Large Nok statue kneeling on a diabolo, left arm broken

This approximately 2,500 year-old statue is very representative of a typical Nok position and style. The delicately sculpted and realistic face has well defined eyebrows, typical triangular eyes, thick lips, and a pointed beard. The nose, ears and eyes are hollowed out. The penis guard is very characteristic of Nok art. The left arm is broken at the elbow. The toes are squared off giving a particular force to this character, and it is covered with typical jewels: necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets, and a belt. Also of note is the very interesting hairstyle with the hair stuffed into a calabash-shaped hat.

In a certain way, this is the first "afro" hairstyle ...

H. 69 cm
Dating : 2,100 to 2,700 years
Private collection (Belgium)

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