109 - Seated man with a harlequin hat

Nok statue, left forearm broken

This statue, approximately 2,000 years old, is captivating because of its perfect balance. The relaxed attitude of the subject, and his apparent coolness, show that even over twenty centuries ago, the value of "down-time" had already been appreciated. This work could have inspired the artist who created the12th -15th century Dyongon Seru statue, belonging to an Italian collector, and recently exhibitetd in Paris. Here, our man sits simply on a diabolo-shaped stool, relaxing or just whileing away his time.

His hairstyle is quite remarkable, with two pointed clumps and striations on the back of the head. He is wearing traditional jewelry.

H. 43 cm
Dating : 1,600 to 2,400 years
Private collection (Germany)

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