111 - Tall man with beard, skeleton-like back

Nok column-statue, rough surface

This work is a masculine column-statue, rare in the Nok statuary. Indeed, most of the time, men are kneeling or seated, rarely standing. This position is mostly reserved to feminine statues. Here we see a very eroded statue that must have rolled in alluvial river deposits for centuries before being saved. We can, nevertheless, identify an important necklace with an amulet, a belt and a classical penis case. On his side is clearly to be seen a sophisticated hairstyle in rolls. The back shows important and regular indentations going down to the flanks and which could be the ribs, the sign of a very meagre or a very old personage. The face, with a beard, has the usual Nok characteristics.

The eyes, the nostrils and the ears, placed very low, are pierced.

H. 51 cm
Dating : 1,000 to 1,500 years

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