115 - Head of an old sage

Classical Sokoto, with very thin coating

Superb Sokoto piece, complete, comprising of the head, the neck and the upper part of the bust of an important bearded personage. The features are typically Sokoto, with a large forehead, tall and domed, pronounced horizontal eyebrows, a flat nose, a delicate mouth. The beard is delicately grooved, imposing, and covers a six-row necklace. On his head is a sort of a crown made of hair and plants. The nostrils, the eyes and the ears, placed very low, are pierced, the face is dignified, serene and earnest. The facture is of a rare fineness and has not suffered from staying almost 2,000 years in the alluvial deposits. This statue must have been smoothed out by pebbles for a long time to acquire this transparency.

A rare piece of very beautiful workmanship.

H. 31 cm
Dating : 1,600 to 2,200 years

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