125 - Court lady richly dressed

High Nok column-statue, left arm along the body, right hand on her breast

Which occidental woman wouldn’t dream to have such a slender figure ? This 2,000 year old statue captivates us with her fluid silhouette and the richness of her ornament. She possesses all Nok canons : triangular eyes, flat nose, well designed eyebrows, slightly open mouth, elaborate hairstyle with turban, ear pendants. The eyes and the nostrils are pierced. This very beautiful court lady certainly was of a high rank in the Nok society, considering the richness of her jewels : crossed shoulderbands, G-string and buttock cover –« bustle »- (French "faux cul") almost Japanese fashion-like…

In her hand, this woman holds what seems to be a flyswatter, a whip or an instrument, a sign of her power.

H. 69 cm
Dating : 1,600 to 2,200 years

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