131 - Man with helmet in shape of a calabash

Classical Nok position, left knee on the ground, on an upturned calabash

Real curiosity because of an improbable hairstyle in the shape of a calabash which protected him from the sun, the individual looks so modern as to be in doubt of his antiquity. Nevertheless, the tests are unquestionable. This garden gnome coming back from the mine is really 2,000 years old ! How did this hairstyle survive the centuries ? How did it remain intact over the times ? Miracles do exist. The rest of the jewels is more conventional : neck jewels, bracelets, penis case.

To note, the strength of the folded leg and of the square toes well anchored on the calabash. Lots of fabric around his loins give the impression of a mighty figure, very self-confident.

H. 56 cm
Dating : 1,500 to 2,000 years

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