134 - Seated man with typical prognathism

Katsina statue

A piece of great strength, the subject is seated on a stool in the shape of a diabolo, his hands on his knees. His left hand holds a decorative but non identifiable object. His navel, his sex (broken), his areolas are visible. His limbs are linky, typically Katsina, his neck is ornated with a necklace with central motif. The whole is sober, voluntarily created with little means. What is striking in the statue is the very uncommon strength of his head, probably due to his closed eyes, like hermetic. Two balls ornament his totally shaved head. The prognathism is quite pronounced, the expression resolute, austere, obstinate.

We do not know, of course, if this is a dignitary, a warlord or a priest but this man was a strong character ! Very certainly…

H. 60,5 cm
Dating : 1,500 to 2,100 years

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