136 - Group of jar shards

Nok, fragmentary pieces of utilitarian potery

The Nok art is so interesting and proportionally so rare that the smallest debris or splinter presents a real emotion.

A) We have here a shard representing two personages, side by side. Although the features and the details are eroded, the silhouettes are very clear. These two side by side splinters were probably part of the same important potery, or even of the same base.

B) The same for this other splinter representing two personages side by side. Who are they ? What do they do ? We have to appeal to our feelings, our imagination to know more, to feel more… Are they men ? Are they women ? How many centuries did it take them to come all the way to us ? They were part of a common frieze, of the same potery disappeared forever and of which they are the unique testimony.

C) A shard, slightly bigger, represents one single personage, apparently a woman. The main features and details, too eroded, are not easy to figure out. We see a small feminine representation in a classical position, hands on her breasts. Even so eroded, our interest is intact.

H. 18 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm
Period and civilization Nok

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