137 - Bird man, anthropo-zoomorphic beak subject


Quite a beautiful statue in the classic Nok standing man position, the two feet firmly planted on a truncated gourd. As is custom, the eye is triangular. The general level of preservation is indeed remarkable, the piece has barely been used, let alone damaged, and the whole sculpture magnificently exemplifies a host of details: a bowl-bun hairstyle, the braided nape of the neck, numerous ornaments and jewels, heavy necklaces around the neck, a braided belt across the chest, armbands and a back panel, a loin cloth and a pleated rear covering, and anklets. The utmost rarity of this piece comes from the figure himself who has the beak of a large bird in place of his chin. This makes for a very unique and surprising piece.

H. 61 cm x 1.15cm x P. 13 cm
Era and civilization: Nok

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