138 - Woman with hands on breasts


Small statue of a woman in the classic female Nok position, hands on breasts. The statue has been moved around a lot, as its erosion proves. It is extremely rough and coarse, and therefore quite grainy. In fact the mica grains are visibly apparent as are small irregular stones. The head is disproportionately large, as usual. The woman is wearing a harness which crosses her midsection and has two tails on the back, a sophisticated hairstyle, a large braided necklace, a worked grass skirt and other jewels which we can only imagine due to the condition of the piece. Of principal interest is the profile, where we find the penetrating look of the eye which looks at the viewer with an uninterrupted sharpness.

H. 48 cm x 1.12 cm x P. 13 cm
Era and civilization: Nok

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