144 - Male bust with a sexual (?) goatee


A small but very interesting piece in that it permits us to better understand the art and sculpture of the Nok civilization. The piece is hollowed out; a hole in the back of the head was made to evacuate the combustion gas used in the creation process. The arm is made of another piece in terra cotta fashioned to fit together, creating one jointed arm. The man is wearing a strange hat, has a superb pointed goatee and on his left shoulder, a rolled up rope or a folded piece of cloth. The position of the figure is very ordinary and does not have the grandeur of so many other pieces. The mouth is open and seems to be talking. Could this be a rare example of a common man? Or an extraodinary man with a penis and testicles growing out of his chin, as a visitor recently suggested by mail ?

H. 45 cm
Nok era and civilization
Private collection (France)

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