149 - Male bust in a royale posture


A male Nok bust, remarkable because of its good condition. That this is just the top of a larger figure indicates that the statue was once more than one meter in height, stuck in an abnormal position, the right hand placed behind the head forming an angle, the left hand turned out in an offertory gesture. The artistic level is magnificent, with a wealth of details, and a certain sculptural quality that jumps out at the viewer. Hair, costume, jewelry, draped clothing, all of the characteristics of civilization are brought together in this relatively intact piece, if only in this fragment which is left of the original! It is surely regrettable to have lost the bottom portion. The search is on!

H. 52 cm
Nok era and civilization

Sold figure
Alençon Auctions room, November 19, 2006
Expert : Jacques-Henri Bouquet
Auctioneers : Maîtres P. Biget & F. Nowakowski

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