157 - Four legged animal, possibly a panther


For our pleasure, another animal statue here. There is no question as to the undomestic quality of the animal because this, in principle, is a panther. For the village of its creation, it celebrates one of the totemic animals of the region. There were specific attachments between the animal and man that called for rites and celebrations with specific respected sacrifices. The panther represented here does not have the typical characteristics of a big cat, suppleness, speed, beauty of form or other cat-like qualities, but it is strong, powerful and solid as a rock. These are the virtues and particular qualities that interested the artist. Not what is seen, but what exists. The figure is sitting on a spherical gorde and was possibly on a totem with the goal of appropriating the forces of the animal. Really an extraordinary piece.

H. 24 cm x 1.23 cm
Era and civilization: Nok

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