160 - Small ruminant head


We are inclined to say that this is the head of a lamb (but would it be a calf or a sheep?) being held by the hand of a well established person, senior in rank, maybe a political leader, chief of a tribe or of a village, most certainly the owner of a herd of animals, and as a sign of his power, and the original statue must have measured between 90 centimeters and 1 meter (cf. ref. 124). The larger statue has disappeared, leaving us with a part of his hand on the tail of the animal who has also lost most of his body. This type of figure was commonly represented with the head of a either a familiar animal or an emblematic one (such as a panther or a lion cub). The coarse-grains exemplified by the lamb's head shows that the outer portion of the statue has disappeared and that this fragment travelled about in the alluvial sediment for centuries before coming to the surface in our collection.

H. 12 cm
Era and civilization: Nok

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