163 - Nursing mammal


This is the last zoomorphic statue in our Nok gallery at this time, as we await your contributions. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on it, for it is not easy to decipher. In the frontal photo, we understand that it is an animal statue. But what does it represent? The traits are undeniably Nok, the fine nose, the lost eyes. Is it a sad teddy bear? In the rear view, the statue is damaged at the base. The body seems elongated on a bed or on some sort of bedding. The head is wearing a kind of turban. From the right profile, a piece of the base is missing. In the left profile, the general impression is confirmed. The right hind paw becomes visible, and the profile is in fact that of a cat...or a mouse. Is it a domestic animal, a mythic animal, or, considering the references to the mythology of the pharaohs of Upper Egypt, a sort of nursing she-sphinx keeping its litter warm? It could be a mother cat nursing its kittens, a mouse nursing its baby mice or another similar animal. The question is open, we would love to have your opinion on the matter, it would be a nice way to establish contact with us, without obligation. Click on the link in the upper right corner of this page and write us...

Non specified height
Era and civilization: Nok

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