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The Nok representation concerns principally human subjects, men and women, treated with the same care of details and refinement. Experts agree to the fact that it appears to be dignitaries, notables, personages of importance in different functions of society: political, religious, war chiefs, favourites.

Much more rarely is the representation zoomorphic, still less often anthropo-zoomorphic, although the shamanistic religion seems to be established in the Nok society. Certain representations of bird-men, half-sphinx, half-sphinge, attach this animism to the ancient Egypt.

Our selection of objects is in conformity with the objects found on the Nok excavation sites in the sixties. Our gallery exhibits a majority of great and high subjects, masculine and feminine, as well as a few rare animal representations. All these pieces have officially entered into France in the beginning of the eighties. All our pieces are guaranteed authentic, most of them having successfully undergone physico-chemical analyses by thermoluminescence tests and carry their own certificate.

Memento homo quia puivis es et in pulverem revertitis (Remember, man, that you are ashes and that you will return to ashes)

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