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It is a threshold two dancers would later fully pierce in “Dances with Words and Music,” a world premiere created in collaboration with the Poetry Foundation, visual artist Frank Vodvarka, animator Kelli Evans and three musicians: Morehead, soprano Christina Kaloyanides and guitarist Brian Torosian. This multisensory experience is just as the title says: dances with words and music. Cummings, Federico Garcia Lorca and Langston Hughes with animations of their words choreographed across the back wall of the stage.

Super resolution mapping (SRM) is a method to produce a fine spatial resolution land cover map from coarse spatial resolution remotely sensed imagery. A popular approach for SRM is a two step algorithm, which first increases the spatial resolution of coarse fraction images by interpolation, and then determines class labels of fine resolution pixels using the maximum a posteriori (MAP) principle. By constructing a new image formation process that establishes the relationship between observed coarse resolution fraction images and the latent fine resolution land cover map, it is found that the MAP principle only matches with area to point interpolation algorithms, and should be replaced by de convolution if an area to area interpolation algorithm is to be applied.

Believe that leaders leave their legacy through the people they develop and support, says Russell. Providing opportunities that expand these young women network and education, I can help improve their ability to impact the future for themselves and other women around them. Also learns from them, and she takes that knowledge into her workplace.

Very disappointing, but not that big of a deal. The next day after our neighbors had breakfast while sitting on his balcony, he witnessed the pool bartender (our rooms overlooked the pool bar) filling a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin with cheap house gin! Right out in the open. He wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Second idea is a grocery bagger/florist au. Eric tries to woo florist Jack with discount wine every night after closing. There a Candles esque scene in there where Jack forgets his own birthday (he married to his job), but Eric remembers and makes him a quiet dinner at home.

Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the ANC military wing, gained an influx of new members as many young black South Africans left the country to join its ranks. In the film, one of these guerilla fighters, Lindiwe Zulu, tells of her training and experiences, and cannot contain her tears as she sings a poignant song of mourning for dead comrades. An important new combination of dance and song, known as the toyi toyi, came from the interaction between these young people and Zimbabwean militants..

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