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What would it be like to hear Beatles songs as if they were brand new? The trailer for the Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis rom com gives us a perfect snapshot of the humour and emotion (we not choked up, you choked up) of watching star Himesh Patel perform Yesterday and Let It Be in a world where everyone else memory is wiped clean of the Fab Four. If you wanted more, the movie serves it up. But the trailer works pretty well all on its own..

You can stop screaming. That’s because nobody can hear you in space. It impacts the way we eat, work, communicate and play. Strong sales helped Federated Department Stores Inc., the parent of Lazarus Macy double its first quarter earnings compared with a year ago, exceeding Wall Street estimate. The retailer on Wednesday also increased its 2004 earnings and sales outlook. Earnings for the quarter ended May 1 were $96 million, or 52 cents per share.

Band CampI just wanted to say shout out to all the people who are in marching band camp or have been in marching band camp because it is hard. And a lot of it is just as hard as any sport. So not only are you going through grueling exercises and learning all the marches.

Hearts go out to the tragedy of the situation, said MacLatchey. Are some people who love police officers and some people who aren as super keen on police as others. But you know something as human beings in general, you have to be pretty cold to not feel some compassion for Al and losing his life doing his duty and for Al family and his kids.

He been mocked, derided, scrutinized, dismissed, and nitpicked. He dealt with more media negativity and adversity last month than Bernie Sanders has in his life. We parsing his words and whether he said “facts” or “fat.” Meanwhile the public is completely unaware that while Biden was in the Senate, Bernie Sanders was using his office to set up a partnership between his city and Yaroslavl in the USSR (of all places he could have chosen)..

In 2004, Jobs underwent surgery to remove the cancer from his pancreas. In 2009, after taking another leave of absence from Apple, Jobs had a liver transplant in an effort to retain as much of his organ function as possible after his cancer had spread beyond the pancreas. In January, he took a third leave from the company before resigning as CEO in August..

There is a famous quote by Steve Jobs that says: can connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

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