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This article examines the ways in which the on demand service BBC iPlayer became a site for navigating what it means to be a public service broadcaster in a hybrid TV digital world. Focusing on a key period of transition for the BBC bracketed by the publication of the BBC TMs strategy document Delivering Quality First (2011) and the anticipation of charter review in 2016 we consider how BBC iPlayer helped mobilize a set of managerial discourses that informed thinking about the BBC TMs online proposition in an age of public service media. Specifically, we argue that a new version of iPlayer, launched in 2014, can be understood as a staging point in the BBC TMs attempt to understand and rationalise its role as a digital broadcaster.

“He was living high on the hog,” Leigh said. Monday lying by a state vehicle and looking scared. After Brooks fed him a biscuit, the dog followed the maintenance staff everywhere. “I asked why you’re fucking my ex. Simple question, dude. Just answer it.” The aggression coded in his tone was red hot, even though Cal could tell Ryan was trying to keep it collected..

Dear Annie: I could have written the letter from Enough when I was younger. In my 30s, I, too, had everything I thought I needed for happiness. Yet I found myself crying on the porch of right house, married to right man, raising three young children in a community where I was accepted.

THE BEST CAREER ADVICE I CAN GIVE IS THAT YOU SHOULD PAY YOUR DUES EARLY ON AND WORK YOUR WAY UP BY BUILDING CORE SKILLS AND NOT WORRYING ABOUT PAY AND TITLE. THAT ALL COMES LATER. JUST WORK HARD AND PROVE YOURSELF. Yet another group of artists many of whom had been associated with the drum and bass genre since its early manifestation as a clandestine underground culture reacted to the smoothness and pretentiousness of “intelligent” drum and bass by fashioning a music consisting of sparse textural accompaniment and lean, fierce polyrhythms. Music by artists such as Roni Size and DJ Die, Dillinja, or Lemon D renounces the preoccupation of some “intelligent” producers with conventional, “humanist” models of musicianship and accentuates the music’s brittle artificiality. This music frequently sounds brutally technological at the very same moment that it brings to the fore the metric ambiguities and rhythmic subtleties of Afrocentric music making (Reynolds 350 53).

The flag has once again come into the news. In a highly significant ruling on September 21st, the Delhi High Court directed that the Flag Code India, which governs the use and display of the National Flag, could not be so interpreted as to prevent an ordinary citizen of India from flying in a respectful manner the National Flag from the premises of his or her business or residence. In any case, the Flag Code, ruled the Court, was not to be construed as law, and its contravention could not be enforced unless, of course, such contravention came within the purview of either the Emblem Act or the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act..

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