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Summer time is the hottest season of the year, literally and figuratively. People flaunt lots of skin in the summer, and we all want to get a great suntan. Beach locations and hotels with large pools are excellent locations, and bikinis and board shorts are totally in style.

First off, here my proudest work yet. I spent the entire summer painting this huge piece for my mom friend and I couldn be happier with how it turned out. When I finished this painting, it was the moment I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life and just how much I wanted to make a career out of painting.

I thought he was going to make more the point of the damage to the children. Paterno may be fired but there are alleged to be 40 young boys who will spend many years trying to heal, with therapy this is very painful. I was disappointed in the attention paid to the college and the football league.

[Slams head while crying. Figured a good side story for Peach’s blog would be Pinny’s/Sirais’! Sirais is obviously my God pony. Pinny was left as a child on Sirais’ temple. Indeed, perhaps no place has seemed as far removed from Hinduism as Las Vegas, and it must be an odd Hindu who finds Las Vegas conducive to ecstatically delivering himself or herself up to God. It was surely not a place like Las Vegas that the teachers of the faith had in mind when they described the experience of samadhi, absorption in the transcendental unity of Brahman, or when they advocated the retreat to forest hermitages or ashrams for the spiritual upliftment of the mind and the contemplation of the infinite. For its part, the Grand Canyon seems to be a piece of that large expanse of land and geological formations, now covering very substantial parts of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, which have become the mecca for tourists, from America and abroad alike, hungering for a vision of nature majesty, willing (howsoever briefly) to be humbled in the presence of something much greater than anything that could be made by human minds.

In the midst of the controversy over the recent proposal to award the Bharat Ratna to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, whose detractors have put forth the names of Kanshi Ram and Jyoti Basu as more viable candidates for this honor, we ought to entertain with seriousness the case for conferring India’s most coveted civilian honor upon a young and largely uneducated Indian woman who would have remained unknown but for her courage and determination that her tormentors should not escape punishment for their vile deeds. The unspeakable horrors of the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 have been recounted often enough, but Bilkis Bano’s harrowing tale cannot effortlessly be assimilated into a cauldron of stories of murder, rape, and mayhem. Much of her family, including her three year old child, having been butchered before her eyes, Bilkis, then seven months pregnant, was herself repeatedly raped.

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