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Facebook has a tough challenge ahead trying to design one size fits all products for the 1 billion plus people who use Facebook every month. But there also a massive opportunity. While there are more and more social apps where you can watch your friends, and news apps where you can follow the world, Groups is a relatively unique product to Facebook.

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Having a classic go to shade is important. You don want to spend a ton of money, but you do want to have the chicest look. Audrey Hepburn always knew how to pull off shades in every season with her round shaped acetate sunglasses, so let follow her since she was a fashion icon..

The street was named after a Civil War general who owned land in the area. Charles Bukowski mentioned the street in a few passages in his collection of poems, novels and short stories. Richard Matheson, referred to the street in his classic vampire novel, I am Legend.

5. Jerry Maguire (1996)A Touching Film About Loyalty, Friendship and DedicationJerry Maguire was such a seminal film that some of its key lines have become ingrained and reused throughout our culture. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, this romantic comedy drama was very unique because it was a “chick flick” dressed up in a sports films brilliant in its appeal to both men and women..

(The mountains are across the bay and the resort looks straight at them.) They checked us in in our room. No standing at the desk in the lobby. The room blew us away as well. A dear friend who lives in snowy Colorado recommended these slippers to me, touting that she (and her partner) rarely take them off because they just that comfy. Made of 100% felted wool and natural nonslip rubber, these extra durable slippers will last for years. Oh, and they somehow keep feet warm, but never sweaty.

The city of Williamsport will soon have a new mayor after current Republican Mayor Gabe Campana decided to run for Lycoming County Commissioner after three terms. Two Republicans competed for the nomination, Don Noviello and Eric Beiter. Beiter will be the Republican nominee in the fall.

C’est juste a. Seulement a. On le cherchait le bonheur dans l’amour ou dans l’accomplissement, dans le hasard et dans la chance, dans l’horoscope, on rvisait sa mtaphysique ! On le croyait inaccessible, improbable, tout droit sorti des romans mdivaux, on le pensait fait pour d’autres, les gens normaux, optimistes, gnreux, ce qui veulent des enfants par exemple, ceux qui en ont mme dj, on se dit qu’il va en falloir du boulot, et de la sueur et des larmes, pour se le faonner son bonheur, pour se l’accaparer, se l’apprivoiser ! On se dit que a va tre dur de faire l’effort de ne pas tre trop repoussant, ou crtin, ou mauvais, qu’on en est loin encore de la vie parfaite avec sa femme la nuit et son bureau le jour ! Avec l’argent, et les amis, et les vacances, avec les soucis loin derrire et le sourire bien cal sur le prsent ! Et les projets aussi bien sr Mais moi quand j’en viens tre heureux, c’est en un instant, d’une seconde l’autre, a tombe de nulle part, vraiment sans raison, j’ai dj racont a pour la mauvaise humeur ; a n’a pas de sens..

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