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My family was looking for a place to accommodate us after our father’s funeral. Mountain Quest was just what we needed for the evening. The owners welcomed us, gave us the tour, and let us relax, laugh, cry and share good times. Timmins has never chosen to dwell on individual punishments in assessing the NFL’s response to intimate partner violence. “The good news is that people are talking about it, they’re having conversation around whether this is the right thing to do,” the House of Ruth executive director said. “What I would like to see in these situations is not reward and punishment but people being helped to change their behavior.

While Malone delves into the complexity of white masculinity through the personas of Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and others, he does not approach other aspects of southern culture with the same degree of detailed research and insight. Malone only briefly mentions the role that the train played in black southern culture, and states that Jimmie Rodgers’s “famous blue verses, in some cases, may have been absorbed from direct experience with black railroad workers” (127). Considering the work of Charles Wolfe on the musical interchange of black and white musicians performing the blues,Malone’s assessment of the influence of African American culture on the music and self fashioning of Rodgers is an understatement of the complex and rich cultural exchange between black and white southerners.

In prestigious Dutch cultural institutions, demonstrations that culminated in the still notorious Notenkraker (“Nutcracker”) action of November, 17 1969, when a group of musicians and students disrupted an orchestral concert in the Concertgebouw. In his retelling of this event, Adlington quotes a Dutch critic who recently called it “the constituting myth of Dutch musical life” (16). At the time, no one would have suspected that, almost exactly seven years later, Andriessen’s De Staat would receive its Amsterdam premiere in the very same hall..

Image registration under challenging realistic conditions is a very important area of research. In this paper, we focus on algorithms that seek to densely align two volumetric images according to a global similarity measure. Despite intensive research in this area, there is still a need for similarity measures that are robust to outliers common to many different types of images.

DS birthday, made Portuguese sausage, eggs, and pineapple for breakfast and of course Kona coffee! Fabulous! Walked to Kam 3 and snorkeled and swam for several hours, saw lots of fish! Drove to Lahaina to shop for DS birthday present, got Ray ban sunglasses, fitting present for Maui! Decided to go to Merriman for birthday happy hour before the slack key concert! Incredible view, lovely musician who we also saw perform at the concert. Had cocktails, lobster tomato salad, sliders, ahi corn cakes and they bought a free delicious chocolate dessert for DS birthday. Took a drive up the coast before the concert and then DS decided he was still hungry.

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