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Ray Ban 4147 M

On the front of the glasses, in the top left (or right depending on which way you view them) corner is a small camera and a small glass looking box, which is a tiny display. On the top of the glasses is a power button and a camera button. You control the screen’s interface with the touchpad on the leg of the glasses..

I thought that it would be a good idea to point out some of these differences in this article. All it needs is sun, a whole lot of sand, a ball which is softer and larger than a normal volleyball, a net which is about 2 metres high, a sand pit with marked lines etching out the court and a minimum of 2 players per team. A World Beach Volley Ball series is being organized at Long Beach California from August 23, 2016 August 28, 2016.

Nos chiens de garde y veillent. Et tout a va vers le paroxysme. Longue et lente descente rapide vers les limbes noirtres de la bestialit, de l’oubli de Soi et de l’Autre. In a previous post I talked about how AR + Blockchain has the potential to re enable scarcity in the digital world. This is one of the most powerful economic disrupters that AR will enable, and still very few people are thinking deeply about it. This could play out through certain types of digital street art starting out pixelized and only becoming “hi res” after a certain number of people see it (or the reverse, and it can decay over time as more people see it, only the first 50 get the full experience ).

But it stays. It will never run dry. Love will always be there.. Many cultures find that red is a powerful color, one that would bring them wealth, passion and even good luck. This is a color of fire and energy. Choose a dark shade of this color, like Les Copain burgundy red, to work to emphasize that you are in charge and also passionate with what you do.

Let your brows wow. Choose eyeglass frames that expose your brow bone and eyebrows to create a light, open appearance. However, if you find a pair of dark sunglasses that obscure your brows, you needn’t be shy; they’ll just add to your air of mystery.

“When you go out shopping for young girls, colors are acidy and fabrics are clingy,” he says. “You see lots of spandex cotton, tank tops and spaghetti straps, really short skirts and tight jeans. Some of this stuff is way inappropriate.” With that in mind, he made nearly all the costumes himself.

Keep your money in your pocket.” He said anyone who expected an honest race was likely to be upset. “If you have 10 horses in a race, you have 10 owners, 10 trainers and 10 jockeys, and some of them are far from honest. Keep your money in your pocket.” That advice has saved me lots of money.

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