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Been tagged =D YayDo you believe in Aliens, Ghosts, etc? I believe there are other beings in this universe besides humans, but probs not the green monster aliens we see in movies lol. I believe there are spirits of the dead but not you could travel to any point in time, where and why? DEFINITELY THE VICTORIAN ERA. I would looooove to have lived then, men in top hats and suits, women in beautiful gowns, and the men had class and were more polite ^_^What was the last thing to make you laugh til your sides hurt? Oooh I got one, when my friends and I had finished watching The Hobbit for the second time :3, we had lunch and one of us were thirsty so one of my friends did the Lee Pace/Thranduil finger point thing and was like: the wine hahahaha I lolled, hard.

If it weren’t for white hot James Franco, I would have totally crushed on Jason Segel in the sadly short lived “Freaks and Geeks” he was a little nerdy, but how could you resist a character with so much enthusiasm for Rush’s “Spirit of Radio” that he played out his Neil Pert fantasies on a make shift basement stage? And he’s managed to build himself a respectable Hollywood career as an adult a member of Judd Apatow’s inner circle who wrote and starred in last year’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” to respectable box office returns, a regular gig on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.” And, if that wasn’t enough to ensure his celebrity, he’s now rumored to be romancing perennial girlfriend Drew Barrymore. But there’s also Jason’s creepy side. Like his total comfort with nudity (his man parts made their big screen debut in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) and the fact..

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In their second year, Dean taught Seamus about football. Seamus didn understand how a game that required no magic could be fun but he knew it was important to Dean. Out on the Quidditch pitch when everyone else was in the castle, they would kick the ball around and it turned out that when you were with your best friend you didn need magic after all..

The media broadcast conglomerates, multinational music companies, and the event’s product sponsors could all benefit, and all buy into the project and broader public message of youth education leading to greater global public health. Meantime, Mandela’s team and artist organizers could creatively promulgate their essential message widely to anyone with access to media devices.Historically, Mandela himself had close connections with the transnationally broadcast, UK led, Artists Against Apartheid (AAA) mega concert events. Two mass mediated cultural events were developed by London based producer Tony Hollingsworth to raise international public consciousness about the apartheid regime in South Africa and thereby generate public pressure on outside governments to impose sanctions to end the inhumane regime.

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