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Christians say He will fulfill these on his second coming. The Jews say, the real Messiah will not need two trips. Makes sense to me.. Am making it publicly known that in no way, shape or form am I suicidal. I have made this known to my therapist and GP If something happens to me in the sake of my family do not let this go away and help me to protect them. Too many evil people want to see me quieted.

We always have great service from Mark at the pool bar and Amber and Mary at Tradewinds Caf! The one thing that had been an issue previously is housekeeping. We always stay 10 days each trip when we are there and this time housekeeping was more efficient than the last couple of times maybe because it was a slower time. The issue we had this last time was the bathroom exhaust fan was not working and had been taken apart before our arrival and the cover was left on the back of the toilet.

Many of his most provocative remarks have been compiled in video snippets posted on Twitter in recent weeks by a New York Democratic activist, M. Mendoza Ferrer, who is unaffiliated with any presidential campaign. She said it seemed Uygur had built his online platform denigrating women and others, and now that he’s a Democrat running for Congress it bothered her that his audience of mainly young men was tuning in..

Ah Youth is still wasted on the young . I am 55 and and I have been a Christian since I was 5. I was a normal teen, youth, young married and now an older mentor and I was ALWAYS hip. There are the spouses and children of workers whose employers provide them with health insurance but either don offer coverage to family members or offer it only at a price that renders it unaffordable. Because of an accidental miswording in the ACA, these families, even if they are less than 400 percent of the poverty line, aren eligible for subsidies. It a trap that advocates refer to as the glitch and it ought to be relatively easy to fix.

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