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Ce classement met par ailleurs clairement en vidence l’hgmonie d’un modle dsormais emblmatique : les Aviator . Porte dans un premier temps par l’US Army dans les annes 1930, cette forme est devenue un incontournable et ce, principalement chez les hommes (52%). Il est galement noter que les 35 54 ans, n’ont quant eux, pas encore tranch entre les deux : arrivent ainsi ex aequo la forme Pantos et Aviator (33%).

I really liked this paragraph of your post one is perfect, relationships are hard, but we must remember the fundamentals of a partnership. It is the art of working together, merging our strengths and weaknesses in order to merge as one. It is a ritual that symbolizes togetherness, a way of complimenting each other and acceptance.

So, I have fictionalized, and taken licence to somewhat simplify the plot and make it more dramatic. Nearly two thirds of states have legalized marijuana, mainly for medical uses, even thoughfederal health officials issued a new warningin August that smoking the drug is dangerous for adolescents, pregnant women and their developing babies. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, a former Indiana state health commissioner, said science shows that for teens marijuana carries a risk of affecting brain development, which continues in their 20s. Frequent marijuana use by teenagers is associated with changes in parts of the brain involved with attention, memory, decision making and motivation..

The 10 month old startup had more than 30 ambulances on their technology platform and tied up with 11 major hospitals in Hyderabad to access their ambulances as well. In the last three months, it is piloting the operation with two hospital chains in Bengaluru. It also plans to enter New Delhi by the end of this year..

Three and six Degrees of Freedom (3 DoF/6 DoF) aircraft dynamics models are adopted to generate a number of feasible flight trajectories that also satisfy the GNSS constraints. A detailed simulation case study is presented to evaluate the performance of trajectory optimisation algorithms for GNSS integrity augmentation using an AIRBUS A320 3 DoF aircraft dynamics model. Results confirm that the employed trajectory optimisation algorithms are capable of supporting high integrity tasks when GNSS is used as the primary source of navigation data..

Since none of my art was flagged and other artists are still looking for a better alternative to tmblr, I will probably keep posting my art here until I do find a better site to migrate to. The thing that tmblr has that imo Twitter doesn have, is this format of ask/reply where I can write longer posts about headcanons, thoughts on OW etc. I also write those on Twitter, but they will be in a tweet thread format which is less wordy overall..

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