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Are there alternatives to sunglasses? What about a baseball cap? “A baseball cap gives some protection, but sunglasses are better,” Jun says. He advises wearing sunglasses when you’re outside doing yard work. In addition to UV protection, you’ll be protecting your eyes from debris thrown by the lawn mower or from a branch while pruning..

Malaria remains a global health problem, and though international efforts for treatment and eradication have made some headway, the emergence of drug resistant parasites threatens this progress. Antimalarial therapeutics acting via novel mechanisms are urgently required. P.

Deserves it. Over the replacement officials has been simmering since the preseason. A series of missed or muffed calls has riled coaches, players and fans.. Rhetorically, that is. In the film final moments, with the gun in his hand, and Suraj and Shubhangi in front of him, Vishwanath appears to have the final hand. Yet, when Madhu told him that dead to me and that he could have only her body, little did she realize that Vishwanath had lost the will to live. To Suraj he says, I kill you, Shubhangi can live without you to Shubhangi he says, I kill you, Suraj can live without you.

The central axis along which all these categories of knowledge formation and their historical mapping were rendered possible is the alleged division of the history of precolonial India between the “Hindu period” and the “Mohammedan invasion”. “Hindu” past was deemed a historical: it underwent little change in reality and had left no chronicles conceivable as belonging to “secular” time and geography; they were mythical at best. However, Mahommedan culture as much as it was considered alien and remained so in British perceptions , introduced the historical at least in the practice of chronicling and recording past events.

Fourthly, in a unique approach, the dendron was bioengineered with bacteriophage DNA using electrostatic interactions. The results suggested that the dendron has potential to be used as a carrier for bacteriophage DNA, and presents the first attempt in published literature at combining the anti biofilm properties of bacteriophages and dendrons towards futuristic development of synthetic bacteriophages. The results also provide a promising antimicrobial strategy for use of.

Virgo: A lovestruck Virgo and Venus in Virgo has finally let down their final guard the mind. When the mental defences are released, the virgo initiates and responds to the intimacy of conversation. Within these deep and meaningfuls, their secrets, concerns, and anxieties are slowly revealed.

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