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We revisit Starobinsky inflation in a quantum gravitational context, by means of the exact renormalization group (RG). We calculate the nonperturbative beta functions for Newton TMs constant G and the dimensionless R^2 coupling, and show that there exists an attractive UV fixed point where the latter one vanishes but not the former one, and we provide the corresponding beta functions. The smallness of the R^2 coupling, required for agreement with inflationary observables, is naturally ensured by its vanishing at the UV fixed point, ensuring the smallness of the primordial fluctuations, as well as providing a theoretical motivation for the initial conditions needed for successful inflation in this context.

At you. His eyes dragged down my shaking body. And moaning for your Alpha. So our story continues. My mother did everything for my sister to grow her up. She is behaving like a little child and she can’t talk much. I’ve always known they weren’t ‘perk’ and that’s what lead me to my Brest uplift years ago.”But I can’t help but feel liberated. These had milk in them, and a year on, more deflated than ever and I feel BLESSED. Blessed to have a beautiful female body which is powerful and can do so many things.”These stretch marks are beautiful marks and show me that my daughter was around.”See how I turn my grief into something beautiful.

When the other becomes so radically other in our sensibility, it is an ineradicable sign of our unwillingness to adhere to a vision of a communicative universe; it points to the moral defeat of all humankind. When the Bamiyan Buddhas were reduced to rubble, it was not Islam that was degraded; it was not even Buddhism which was demeaned. To admit as much is not only to take solace in the observation that the Buddha is much larger than his statues, and that the actions of the Taliban cannot dint the armor of the Buddha’s supreme intelligence, benevolence, and compassion.

Really, no jobs bills, no economic recovery bills, obstruction in the Senate with the highest number of filibusters, secret holds, and no votes on judges and appointed positions. The bills they did pass (mostly at the state level) makes things worse. “Shoot a black person/get out of jail free” laws; pro discrimination laws; anti women’s rights laws, and of course their crowning achievement: “we don’t want anyone but the rich to get health care” tantrums.

It was dark. There was a hot sulfur smell. I felt along the wall for lights. Off the top of our heads, each of us could probably name a handful of people who we admire for their leadership qualities. We watch movies about leaders think Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. We read books about Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

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