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Because a tattoo doesn have to be any one thing. Song lyric tattoos and quote tattoos get a bad rep because they don always take a lot of planning and “who says you are always going to like that lyric anyways? the words is and what should never be tattooed because you always felt like you should have never been. Or maybe get it because you fucking love Zeppelin, or maybe get it because you herd the song on the radio and you don even like classic rock but for some reason those words stuck in your mind and you can stop repeating them..

They may also exhibit more physical symptoms related to stress, anxiety disorders or depression. The locations of injuries in women most commonly include the head, chest, breasts and arms. During pregnancy, the most common locations are the abdomen and the breast.Are You a Victim?If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may be a victim of domestic violence.

The expected prevalence of smoking at delivery by PCT was compared with midwife collected Smoking at the Time of Delivery (SATOD) data using a Bland Altman plot.Results: The expected prevalence of smoking during pregnancy by PCT ranged from 8.1% (95% CI 5.6 1.0) to 31.6% (27.5 34.8). The expected prevalence of smoking at delivery ranged from 2.5% (1.4 4.0) to 17.1% (13.7 20.4). Figures for expected smoking prevalence at delivery showed some agreement with SATOD, though SATOD data were general higher than the synthetic estimates (mean difference 2.99%).Conclusions: It is possible to derive good estimates of expected smoking prevalence during pregnancy for small areas, potentially at much lower cost than conducting large surveys.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) consists of a team of top researchers and scientists advising global climate action. Recently, the IPCC wrote a special report updating research findings pertaining to 1.5 of warming, of particular interest to my field of research is the section on coral reefs. In italicsare statements summarized from the report..

Poor outcomes and high resource use are observed for frail older people discharged from acute medical units. 433 patients (aged 70 or over) at risk of future health problems, discharged from acute medical units within 72 hours of attending hospital, were recruited in two general hospitals in Nottingham and Leicester, UK. Participants were randomised to the intervention, comprising geriatrician assessment in acute units and further specialist management, or to control where patients received no additional intervention over and above standard care.

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