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District Court decision sends a strong message to Iowa women that their constitutional rights are important and their health care decisions should be made by them, not politicians, said Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen, of Des Moines. The Governor and legislative Republicans should stop attacking women health care. I want Iowa to be known as the safest place in the country to have a baby.

“Every new employee joins us on a 45 day trial. At the end of that trial, the entire company gets to have input on whether that person should join the team kind of like Survivor, where the person can be voted off if there isn’t a fit. Cultural fit is so key to an early stage company that spending this extra time in hiring is key about 60% of candidates successfully make it through the trial.

If you are traveling by plane, you can ship food directly to your host home if they are OK with that. Nice to also bring a roller brush so you can keep hair off of the furniture, Grotts says. Researching dog parks nearby so you can entertain your pet and help him work off energy is a good idea, Pugh says..

But using a term like Bongo land is not an invitation to a debate. It is an ugly declaration of bigoted certainty, crass xenophobia dressed up as pub banter. It is so roundly dismissive of the countries that receive aid many of them scarred by famine and millennial poverty that one wonders what sort of discussion Bloom could conceivably have had in mind..

Bill Galvano: This Republican state senator from Bradenton was officially chosen this week by party members as his chamber’s next president, assuming the GOP keeps its majority in next year’s election. Galvano, a lawyer, was elected to the Senate in 2012 after serving eight years in the House. He’s a policy wonk with a reputation for integrity.

The room was clean and relatively spacious. The air conditioning is modern and the shower pressure is fantastic. Room 5 has a delightful view of Mt Phousi. He was blanketed on defense by the Gaels’ Tanner Krebs, and it wasn’t until after the 6’6” guard was subbed out with 6:46 left to play that Bradley hit his first shot off the game. Bradley finished the half shooting 1 6 in 17 minutes on the court. The first period ended with a 45 29 scoreline in favor of the Gaels..

These validation statistics were to be key to the subsequent story. At the time of their press release Wahl and Amman had made public the computer code that they’d used in their papers. By the time their paper was submitted to Climatic Change, McIntyre had reconciled their work with his own so that he understood every difference.

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