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It Friiiiiidaaaaaay! It been a long week but full of events and fun type thangs. I was out most of the day yesterday doing press days but I called it a day around 3:30 because I felt so I I went home, got into my PJ and sat watching The Great British Bake Off with a left over Dominos pizza surrounded by my fur babies. I feeling a lot better today (must have been the pizza!) and I off out again, which is unusual for a Friday because normally Friday are pretty quiet.

Stayed here for three nights vacation in a pool side room. Hotel has a great pool and cute restaurant and easy access to the beach (5 min walk). Unfortunately you have to walk past a flood drain to access the beach which is full of rubbish and smelly and is constantly oozing this smelly water down onto the beach and into the sea where people are swimming.

Just to point out to those who commented took these supplements and my child did / did not have autism, so this study is false / true, The researchers reported trends observed from 85,000 pregnancies, which led them to form conclusions. In terms of scientific findings, a single personal experience can prove or disprove their theory. We have to objectively examine the big picture, not just our own corner of the picture (no matter how important to us personally)..

L2 English learners read a story containing unknown items while their eye movements were recorded. After eight exposures, L2 readers recognized the form and the meaning of 86% and 75% of the target nonwords respectively, while they recalled the meaning of 55% of the nonwords. After three four encounters nonwords were read significantly faster and by eight encounters they were read in a similar manner to previously known real words.

Mais j’avais trop peur de les voir dguerpir, a m’est dj arriv un coup pareil, tout se passait bien et soudain, le mot en trop, l’allusion de travers qu’on regrette aussitt mais trop tard, la fille a fil. Bref, j’ai simplement demand on dort o ? , a me paraissait le juste milieu entre le correct et l’os, c’tait peine un peu coquin mais pas non plus trop lourdaud, et surtout a pouvait tre pris sur le ton de la blague : au pire, j’aurais sauv les meubles en balbutiant un pathtique mais non, je rigole . Et alors la Julie, dcidment loin de ce que j’imaginais, a tout simplement dgraf sa robe en riant, moi je dors ici .

How many children do they have? None. Time Lords can have children with humans, and the Doctor knows that a Gallifreyan/Human most likely wouldn survive. Rose has mentioned the idea of kids once before, and the Doctor tries to hide his emotions, but Rose knew better.

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