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Our results provide evidence for the technical feasibility of RPPA for high throughput protein expression profiling of FFPE breast cancer tissues. The sensitivity of the technique is related to the quality of extracted protein and purity of tumour tissue. RPPA could provide a quantitative technique alternative to IHC for the biomarkers used in the NPI+..

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Most camps also have a restaurant, pool and laundry facilities. On our drives in and around this area we spotted our first lion independently! We saw loads of elephants, most notably a herd of about 35 visited a small waterhole. More and more kept coming and then they danced and played in the water..

Has been an area designated for further cleanup, then on land you have uses that have caused a disturbance, he said. Might be a call to action for regulatory controls on shoreline industrial uses in vulnerable areas of risk. Hayner, who worked as an environmental engineer for the city of Detroit for a decade before retiring in 2005, detailed his extensive knowledge Friday of the former Revere Copper property and potential environmental safety risks..

One cannot conveniently walk away from this view of Marriage and still hold other things about Jesus.September 30, 2012 at 9:59 pm In this day an age this seems such a supreme waste of brain power. The irony of looking for historical/ archaeological/ miraculous evidence should speak volumes to anyone wishing to understand the world and how it works. Fifty years ago some folks were talking endlessly about flying saucers, a few thousand years back, Quetzalcoatl was popular in some quarters.

I have always been drawn to studying the engagements of music and subjectivities. The intersection of texts, psyches, and social relations is particularly intriguing to me when the texts in question are sequences of music neither chosen by their listeners nor actively listened to in any recognizable sense. This body of music includes, of course, film and television music; but it also includes music on phones, music in stores, music in video games, music for audio books, music in parking garages all the music we hear more of per capita than anything else (Jones and Schumacher, quoted in Sterne 22 3)..

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