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Ray Ban Aviators Wikipedia

Some of our plans include a guaranteed number of spins per week that will assist you in charting nationally. Radio campaigns start at 4 weeks and go as long as 16 weeks. We offer quality radio campaigns which create a successful buzz about your project for a fraction of traditional radio campaigns.

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We immerse ourselves in our clients’ world, we attack every job with verve, we treat every brief like it could be our last and take as much pride on timing, production quality and budget as we do in its creativity and originality. We obsess about the details, from the initial brief to its execution leaving no stone unturned and we are candid in our approach in how we see issues and discuss solutions. If the idea of creating/producing useful content that sparks conversations around singular inspirational campaign platforms and that content gives a brand on going personality and points of view throughout the year, this is an opportunity for you..

When Lars nervously remarks that Torben can see through any false effort when it comes to the music of Metallica, the filmmakers set us up to hear what comes next as at least “bad” if not “terrible.” The track Lars chooses to play for Torben in the next scene is a slow, jam oriented selection [View Excerpt 1] featuring prominent reverb and vocalizations. Afterward, Lars notes that the band’s management thought the track should open the new album. However, over this music the film intercuts images of Towle sitting in a corner nodding his head, trancelike with eyes closed, and Torben, very much awake, sitting on the couch with a look of bemusement in his eyes.

Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Mac: Safari. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us and others through TripAdvisor. ZTE paid over 200 US companies more than $2.3 billion in 2017, including Qualcomm Inc , Intel Corp , Broadcom Inc and Texas Instruments Inc . Shares of smaller US suppliers, which are more dependent on ZTE, pared losses after the news, including optical component makers Acacia Communications Inc , Oclaro Inc and Lumentum Holdings Inc . ZTE’s shares were suspended for almost two months after the ban was imposed and have lost about half their value..

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