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Ray Ban Classic Aviators Polarized

Transitions are never smooth, and it is likely that the situation on the ground in Myanmar will get messier before it gets better, especially as we begin to see winners and losers in the process. Economic development will be uneven, investment will not be broad based, disputes over land rights will not be easily resolved, people will be displaced, and ethnic and sectarian conflicts will continue until acceptable solutions for all involved can be reached. Given what is at stake, the United States should do all that it can to be a reliable partner to Myanmar as the country works to ensure that current positive trends continue to 2015 and beyond..

Floral track jacket, gray crop top and striped shirt never work, right? Guess again. Sienna Miller styled just that, looking oh so sharp in a bold mixed prints ensemble while out with American Sniper co star Bradley Cooper in New York City this week. The 33 year old has the uncanny ability to make any outfit sleek and stylish, and we love that she’s never afraid to make fierce fashion choices..

This weekend, my sister and I met our cousin Stefanie for lunch at a new caf in Ocean Park called Thyme, which opened last month. It has sort of a Joan vibe with lots of white subway tile, charcoal accents and marble countertops. And the menu features similar fare, including a chicken taragon salad sandwich which I tend to order whenever I see one.

Get a taste of history before you hit the trails at this Civil War battlefield turned national park. Head to the Visitor’s Center to pick up a map with detailed distances and times for four different hiking options, as well as how many calories you burn on each trail (but if you’re not into those, don’t worry are plenty more paths to choose from). We’d recommend starting with Pigeon Hill Trail, which has a steeper grade, so you burn more calories in less time.

Ivory is in, and though a lot of ivory bridal shoes can be dyed, the new rage is just to leave these shoes in their original snow white glory for your wedding day. Ivory shoes will typically go well with wedding dress. Now you have the option to throw on a stylish but comfortable shoe that still says, “It’s my wedding day!” Either switch out your formal shoes for these flip flops or wear them as your primary wedding footwear.

Prescription sunglasses have almost eliminated the need for a pair of clip on or magnetic sunglasses, although these may still be useful at times. They are especially helpful for people who normally wear contact lenses but prefer not to at places like a beach. Prescription sunglasses are available in a wide spectrum of colors and intensities, they provide the same UV protection regardless of how darkly tinted they are.

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